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Do you Regret

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    November 22, 2016 11:59 PM EST

    Wanted to know if any Christians here at times regret being saved? I know sometimes the walk in Christ seems so hard. Please share your thoughts.

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    December 24, 2016 1:10 AM EST

    i never really heard this asked before, thought provoking question though.   as for me definitely no regrets,  i Love the fact that God would even look my way, let alone what He's doing in me through Jesus , it's true however,  i have been through,  and currently in a barrage of trials, i think what bothers me most tho,  is that so many trivializing Jesus sacrifice,  and those that are happy not knowing Him is brutally disturbing,  i personally wish i prayed more,  thankfully God knows the proper balance for me, if i was more broken by this it would be more difficult to rejoice in my salvation,  any less, i may not pray or witness  like i do. GOD BLESS 

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    December 24, 2016 6:50 AM EST

    Awesome respone El Guapo. Sometimes I look at those who aren't saved and feel scared for them. Scared because we know not the hour the Lord cometh. The thouhgt of anyone going to hell is scary. Rhe love I have in my heart for my brothers and sister aether save or unsaved is pure. I would never give up or regret being saved.